Thursday, 18 March 2010

How to make perfect sushi rice. Yuki's tips!

Rice is also used to make alcoholic drinks like sake, snacks such as senbei, rice crackers, and agemochi.

Sushi Rice
Japanese rice              3 cups
Water                          3 cups

Sushi-Su (vinegar)*     125ml (1/2 cup)

Sugar                           3tbs
     Salt                              1TBS + 1ts
Rice vinegar                120mls

Japanese rice is short grain and becomes sticky when cooked...

Wash the rice thoroughly through a sieve for no less than 2 minutes but ideally for for 4 minutes constantly turning the rice over until the water turns clear. 

Drain the rice and add it the pan with 3 cups of water and let it stand for 30 minutes in cold water. If you do not have time you can cook immediately!

Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat and cover, let simmer for 8-9 minutes.( or 4 minutes in a pressure cooker). Turn the heat off and then let it stand to cool for a further 20 minutes.
Pour the rice into the wide flat dish to let it cool.

Pour the sushi-su over the rice and ture it in carefully letting the rice cool further with far; at the time being careful not to damage the structure of grains.
The Sushi-su gives rice more flavour and gives it a familiar sticky grazed look.If you have to let it stand cover the rice with cling film or a damp cloth so that it does't dry out.

Let's roll sushi!

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